Michelle J Neuman

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A woman with neuro-Behçet disease characterized by recurrent attacks of meningoencephalitis is reported. During an attack of brain stem dysfunction characterized by dysarthria, diplopia, and ataxia, the postcontrast CT showed an enhancing lesion of the upper brain stem. During a subsequent attack characterized by subcortical dementia and amnesia, magnetic(More)
Minority religious groups continue to grow in the United States, and traditional religious groups are becoming more diverse. The purpose of this paper is to detail the methodology of the measure adaptation and psychometric phase of an ongoing study that is designed to describe the relationship between R/S, emotional extremes, and risk behaviors in(More)
BACKGROUND Renal allograft retrieval from live donors requires an accurate determination of kidney anatomy including the renal arterial supply. Traditionally, conventional angiography has served as the gold standard for obtaining this information. More recently, magnetic resonance angiography (MRA) has been compared with conventional angiography. Although(More)
Lattice QCD at finite density suffers from a severe sign problem, which has so far prohibited simulations of the cold and dense regime. Here we study the onset of nuclear matter employing a three-dimensional effective theory derived by combined strong coupling and hopping expansions, which is valid for heavy but dynamical quarks and has a mild sign problem(More)
The importance of early childhood development (ECD) is scientifically established and is increasingly recognized by governments and international organizations. However, progress in protecting and improving ECD is constrained by multisectoral influences on ECD, the multiple sectors and venues for delivering services, the lack of a common fiscal and policy(More)
This study examined the effects of various seated trunk postures on upper extremity function. 59 adults were tested using the Jebsen Taylor Hand Function Test while in three different trunk postures. Significant mean differences between the neutral versus the flexed and laterally flexed trunk postures were noted during selected tasks. Specifically, dominant(More)
We measured the neutron scattering intensity ratios from polyethylene (CH2) relative to graphite (C) at several discrete final energies, of narrow widths (approximately 3 eV) between 64 eV and 3 keV. The final energies were selected using a 238U filter. This experiment was carried out to search for any anomaly in the n-p scattered intensities from CH2(More)
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