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Three isolates of bovine astrovirus, one from the United Kingdom and two from the United States, possessed common antigens by immunofluorescence and strain-specific antigens by neutralization and were designated as two, and probably three, distinct serotypes. The isolate US2, despite being a different serotype, possessed the same restrictive cell tropism(More)
PURPOSE The aim of this study was to identify and validate novel predictive and/or prognostic serum proteomic biomarkers in patients with epithelial ovarian cancer (EOC) treated as part of the phase III international ICON7 clinical trial. EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN ICON7 was a phase III international trial in EOC which showed a modest but statistically(More)
Today's users require an integrated solution to sup port their 1earning mquimnents. They must be " up and running " as quickly as possible. No longer is it possible to create detailed and bread-based documentation for all aspects of a product. It is often too costly to produce, and may not even meet the user's need for rapid access to relevant information.(More)
the discovery of antitoxins (von Behring and Kitasato), the standardization of toxins and anti-toxins, the distinction between active and passive immunization (Ehrlich), bacteriolysis (Pfeiffer), haemolysis, agglutination of blood corpuscles as a diagnostic test, the opsonic index, and prophylaxis and treatment of many diseases by vaccines. In certain(More)