Michelle Humphreys

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Of 253 patients in their first schizophrenic episode, 52 behaved in a way threatening to the lives of others before their admission to hospital. These 52 patients were studied from data collected at the time of their initial presentation. Despite a history of illness in excess of 1 year in 24 cases, and evidence that violence was motivated by psychotic(More)
Unfortunately, bedbugs are back and are found in many different places such as homes, hotels, hospitals, movie theaters, and clothing stores. Bedbugs are not related to lower socioeconomic status and are an equal-opportunity problem. This article describes bedbugs, inspection and treatment, and nursing interventions when bedbugs are found.
BACKGROUND Determining the prevalence of psychiatric disorders among remand populations has been made a priority in England and Wales. Differences in legal process and psychiatric services in Scotland make similar research there important. METHOD Demographic data were collected on 389 prisoners, the clinical Interview Schedule was completed and cognitive(More)
Anorectal incontinence is most commonly found in the elderly, but colorectal surgeons now see an increasing number of younger patients with this condition. Although medical and surgical treatments are available, a proportion of patients remain refractory to therapy. We investigated the efficacy of three designs of anal continence plug. 8 women and 2 men(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the etiology, treatment, and utility of anal ultrasound in men with fecal incontinence and to review the outcomes of conservative (nonoperative) treatment. SUMMARY BACKGROUND DATA The etiology of fecal incontinence in women is almost exclusively from obstetric or iatrogenic surgical injuries resulting in damage to the anal sphincters(More)