Michelle Houston

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Application of horseradish peroxidase to the pudendal nerve in the female cat labelled lumbosacral afferent and efferent neurons and their processes. Afferent axons entered the spinal cord primarily at the S1 and S2 segments and traveled rostrocaudally in Lissauer's tract and the dorsal columns. A distinctive component of the dorsal column projection was(More)
This study was undertaken to determine whether skeletal muscle fibre characteristics could be demonstrated to be of significance for muscle function in voluntary contraction in man. 4 male and 4 female adult subjects were studied. During elbow flexion force and velocity was measured at the hand with the forearm in a 100 degree position. A motor-driven heavy(More)
Patchily distributed marine pelagic prey present considerable challenges to predatory seabirds, including Gannets (Morus spp.) departing from large breeding colonies. Here, for the first time, we used GPS data loggers to provide detailed spatial, temporal, and habitat metrics of chick-rearing Australasian Gannets (Morus serrator) foraging behaviours from(More)
Procedures are described for the solubilization of adenosine uptake sites in guinea pig and rat brain tissue. Using [3H]nitrobenzylthioinosine [( 3H]NBI) the solubilized site is characterized both kinetically and pharmacologically. The binding is dependent on protein concentration and is saturable, reversible, specific, and high affinity in nature. The KD(More)
Syndecan-4, a heparan sulfate proteoglycan that is widely expressed in the vascular wall and as a cell surface receptor, modulates events relevant to acute tissue repair, including cell migration and proliferation, cell-substrate interactions, and matrix remodeling. While syndecan-4 expression is regulated in response to acute vascular wall injury, its(More)
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