Michelle Hopkins

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We discuss the design and construction of a novel imaging system in which a fiber-optic imaging bundle and miniature optical and mechanical components are used to allow confocal fluorescence microscopy in remote locations. The instrumentation has been developed specifically for cellular examination of tissue for optical biopsy. Miniaturization of various(More)
The first approximately 600 million years of Earth history (the 'Hadean' eon) remain poorly understood, largely because there is no rock record dating from that era. Detrital Hadean igneous zircons from the Jack Hills, Western Australia, however, can potentially provide insights into the conditions extant on our planet at that time. Results of geochemical(More)
This paper deals with comparative study of voltage and angle stability analysis with and without STATCOM. This paper makes the assumption that under voltage is caused by a Single phase to ground fault. Single phase to ground fault is applied in IEEE 57 bus system for analysis the effected voltage dip area in IEEE 57 bus system. The effect of fault on(More)
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