Michelle Hayworth

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Social insect colonies represent distinct units of selection. Most individuals evolve by kin selection and forgo individual reproduction. Instead, they display altruistic food sharing, nest maintenance and self-sacrificial colony defence. Recently, altruistic self-removal of diseased worker ants from their colony was described as another important(More)
With the advent of the biopsychosocial approach in family therapy, the domain of spiritual issues is increasingly being recognized as important to families. This article will describe a graduate-level seminar on Spiritual Issues in Family Therapy at the University of San Diego that offers family therapy students the opportunity to examine issues of(More)
The assumed characteristics of individuals in the adult entertainment industry have been used to advocate positions for and against pornography. Although prior studies have investigated perceptions of porn actors, no data on the actual characteristics of this group exist. The present study compared the self-reports of 105 male and 177 female porn actors to(More)
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