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S82 Q&A Individual approach Jane Harding balances the pros and cons of New Zealand’s system and its focus on individual researchers Society benefits enormously from scientific research. We get new technologies, live longer and healthier lives, and gain deeper knowledge of our planet and the Universe. The issue of how to evaluate the fruits of research(More)
Editor-in-Chief Philip Campbell Cover art: Gavin Potenza Drought has long been a scourge of humanity and a factor in war and conflict. The current crisis in Syria, for example, comes in the wake of one of its worst ever droughts. Periodic droughts occur because of global temperature cycles in the oceans and atmosphere. But although we understand the causes(More)
Editor-in-Chief Philip Campbell COVER ART: NIK SPENCER There is a certain cachet to Nobel prizes that no other awards in science share. They are the Oscars of the science world, and the recipients are treated like stars after having made a contribution to science that is both profound and lasting. And like stars of the silver screen, Nobel laureates are(More)