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<i>Youtopia</i> is a hybrid tangible and multi-touch land use planning activity for elementary school aged children. It was implemented on a Microsoft Pixelsense digital tabletop. The main method of interaction is through physical stamp objects that children use to "stamp" different land use types onto an interactive map. Youtopia was developed to(More)
Recent research has shown that learned fear emerges in a response-specific sequence. For example, an odor conditioned stimulus (CS) previously paired with shock elicits behavioral expressions of fear like avoidance at a younger age than it elicits other behavioral expressions of fear like potentiation of the startle response (Richardson, Paxinos, & Lee,(More)
We conducted a two-part study of age and latent inhibition in the rat. In the first part of the study, rats given odor-shock pairings at 23 or 75 days of age exhibited a potentiated startle response in the presence of the odor the following day. This effect did not occur in rats trained at 16 or 20 days of age. Odor pre-exposure on the day prior to(More)
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