Michelle Everson

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When I tell people I teach online discussion often turns, rather quickly, to all that a teacher will lose when teaching in the online environment. I will be the first to admit that there are certain things we often take for granted in a physical classroom that can be more of a challenge in the online environment. However it's time we focused more on what(More)
This paper describes a unique graduate-level course that prepares teachers of introductory statistics at the college and high school levels. The course was developed as part of a graduate degree program in statistics education. Although originally taught in a face-to-face setting, the class has been converted to an online course to be accessible to more(More)
For online course instructors it is a constant struggle to engage students with relevant, interesting and up to date content. Figuring out when it's time to implement a makeover is never easy. Is a complete overhaul necessary, or should changes be taken one step at a time?
When I am asked whether I enjoy teaching online more than I enjoy teaching in the classroom (or vice versa), it is a very hard question for me to answer. Experiences teaching in both online and more traditional classroom environments can make one a better teacher. What you learn from students in one environment naturally informs what you do in the other(More)