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BACKGROUND/AIMS Single optotype tests of visual acuity are widely used for preschool vision screening in order to optimise cooperation with testing. These tests may, however, underestimate the visual acuity deficit in amblyopia because they lack visual crowding. This study assessed the resultant negative predictive value (NPV) for amblyopia. METHODS(More)
The prevalence of amblyopia among screening defaulters is an important determinant of the efficacy of amblyopia detection by preschool vision screening. A retrospective cohort study was therefore performed to assess an orthoptist-based preschool vision screening programme. The preschool vision screening status of children in the cohort was determined by(More)
Anaemia in the immediate postnatal period can manifest itself physically in a number of ways. Amongst these are pallor, tiredness, dizziness, loss of appetite and oedema (Bewley 2004), all of which could be mistaken for commonly observed benign symptoms of the immediate postnatal period. However, left untreated, anaemia can severely impact on both the(More)
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