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Workplace Bullying: An Integrative Literature Review
Workplace bullying is a phenomenon that appears widely in research literature in a variety of disciplines. The review found that a concise definition for workplace bullying was not available in the
Workplace Incivility: Worker and Organizational Antecedents and Outcomes.
Unresolved workplace conflicts represent the largest reducible costs to an organization (Keenan & Newton, 1985). As incivility increases (Buhler, 2003; Pearson, Andersson, & Wegner, 2001; Pearson &
Case Study on the Impact of Technology on Incivility in Higher Education
A qualitative case study research design provided an in-depth perspective of the participants in relation to understanding the holistic impact technology has on the incivility of student-tostudent
Analysis of Nonresponse Bias in Research for Business Education.
Abstract This research examined the issue of nonresponse bias and how it was reported in nonexperimental quantitative research published in the Delta Pi Epsilon Journal between 1995 and 2004. Through
Using Flipgrid to Increase Students' Connectedness in an Online Class
Flipgrid, a free video discussion forum tool, increases students' perceptions of connectedness in the online classroom and strengthens connectedness and can increase civility.
Perceptions of Mainland Chinese Students toward Obtaining Higher Education in the United States.
Since 1978, when the first group of 50 mainland Chinese students came to the United States for education, increasing numbers of mainland Chinese students have come to the United States to get a
Redesigning the Education Doctorate for Community College Leaders: Generation, Transformation, and Use of Professional Knowledge and Practice
This paper describes the redesign of a community college executive leadership doctoral program that seeks to develop senior-level leaders.  The paper provides how the redesign was intentionally