Michelle E Murray

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OBJECTIVE To determine whether pregnancy outcomes differ by provider group when alternative explanations are taken into account. METHODS Pregnancy outcomes were compared for 710 women cared for by private obstetricians and 471 cared for by certified nurse-midwives. At intake, all women qualified for nurse-midwifery care. They were retained in their(More)
Clinical experience shows that many patients diagnosed as having a borderline personality structure show a history of minimal brain dysfunction in childhood. Neurologically based dysfunctions create disruptions of drive level, perception, basic language structure, and cognition which form a constitutional basis for the distortions of early object relations.(More)
The spans of apprehension of learning-disabled and normal boys were compared by means of a forced-choice letter-recognition task involving tachistoscopic exposures of letter displays. This task provides an estimate of the span that is relatively insensitive to memory or motivational influences. In Experiment 1, the spans of learning-disabled and normal boys(More)
Evidence is steadily accumulating to support a neurodevelopmental basis for pedophilia. This includes increased incidence of non-right-handedness, which is a result primarily of prenatal neural development and solidified very early in life. Minor physical anomalies (MPAs; superficial deviations from typical morphological development, such as un-detached(More)