Michelle Dion

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BACKGROUND Evidence-informed health policymaking is a goal of equitable and effective health systems but occurs infrequently in reality. Past research points to the facilitating role of interpersonal relationships between policy-makers and researchers, imploring the adoption of a social network lens. This study aims to identify network-level factors(More)
  • Michelle Dion, Christina Ewig, Evelyne Huber, Stephen J Kay, Milko Matijascic, Jenny Pribble +2 others
  • 2007
This chapter examines an effect of pension reform that was largely unantici-pated, or at least seldom explicitly considered, when many pension reforms were being adopted throughout Latin America: the effects of privatization on women's welfare. 1 Though this issue was largely absent in early reform debates, academic researchers and international(More)
  • Michelle Dion, Evelyne Huber, John D Stephens, Jonathan Hartlyn, Scott Morgenstern, Jose Antonio Cheibub
  • 2008
Few studies explain the development of social protection in Latin America. This article uses the case of Mexico to illustrate the role of economic development, economic institutions, and labor mobilization in shaping social protection in the region. The expansion of social insurance in Mexico prior to the 1980s debt crisis was a response of the ruling party(More)
part of a consortium that includes parallel centers at the University of Michigan and the National Bureau of Economic Research, was established in 1998 through a grant from the Social Security Administration. The Center's mission is to produce first-class research and forge a strong link between the academic community and decision makers in the public and(More)
  • Michelle Dion, Este Trabajo, Evelyne Huber, James Mcguire, Scott Morgenstern
  • 2005
This study compares efforts to adopt social insurance legislation in the administrations of Lázaro Cárdenas and Manuel Ávila Camacho in Mexico to explain the political origins of the welfare state in Latin America. The author argues that the adoption and implementation of social insurance in Mexico was the outcome of an implicit bargain between organized(More)
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