Michelle Davidson

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Lister hooded rats were trained on a forced-sample T-maze alternation task in an environment lacking spatial landmarks. An early study of spontaneous alternation on the T-maze had shown that rats use a "spatial sense" to select alternate maze arms across mazes. As this phenomenon may provide a useful tool for studying the neural substrates of a directional(More)
Whether children with idiopathic generalized epilepsy exhibit accelerated forgetting of verbal and nonverbal information in comparison to healthy controls matched for age and IQ was explored. Twenty-one children with IGE were compared with 21 healthy controls on measures of verbal and visuospatial memory at delays of 30 minutes and 1 week by use of a(More)
UNLABELLED Whether provider education changes practice for HF has not been reported. (NHeFT)™ uses didactic and experiential training of primary care providers (PCP) to optimize treatment of HF. We randomized PCP's in the Cleveland VA clinics to training (T) vs control (C). ENDPOINTS Primary - the number of patients with EF < 40% treated with ACEI/ARB and(More)
In 1991, C. L. Chen used the inverted construction 1 on binary linear codes of minimum Hamming distance five to construct a new [47 36 5] code. In this paper, we examine this construction in depth and show that no such codes are obtained unless the fields GF (8) or GF (32) are used. Using MAGMA, we prove that the binary [11 4 5] code and the binary [15 7 5](More)
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