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Do Animal-Assisted Activities Effectively Treat Depression? A Meta-Analysis
ABSTRACT We conducted a meta-analysis to determine the effectiveness of animal-assisted activities (AAA) and animal-assisted therapy (AAT) for reducing depressive symptoms in humans. To be includedExpand
Authorized Crib Cards Do Not Improve Exam Performance
We experimentally investigated the effect of authorized crib cards on undergraduates' multiple-choice exam performance for lower order and higher order questions and on anxiety levels in an upperExpand
Lexical‐semantic retention and speech production:further evidence from normal and brain‐damaged participants for a phrasal scope of planning
The present study investigated the scope of planning in speech production by examining onset latencies for sentences describing moving picture displays. The experimental sentences began with either aExpand
Minds Online: Teaching Effectively with Technology
Do students learn as well online as they do in the face-to-face classroom? Miller argues not only that they can, if the instruction is well-designed, but also that online tools and resources areExpand
Syntax, Semantics, and Sexual Violence
This research tested hypotheses that news media often report violence against women (VAW) in passive-verb format and that this leads readers to be more accepting of VAW than reports using the activeExpand
Semantic Blindness: Repeated Concepts are Difficult to Encode and Recall under Time Pressure
This study demonstrates a recently predicted cognitive phenomenon known as semantic blindness, an inhibitory effect attributable to concept repetition in the serial recall of rapidly presentedExpand
Effect of Textbook Study Guides on Student Performance in Introductory Psychology
We experimentally investigated the effect of required textbook study guides on undergraduates' multiple-choice exam performance for introductory psychology. Students in 2 sections participated.Expand
What College Teachers Should Know About Memory: A Perspective From Cognitive Psychology
Cognitive psychology has much to contribute to our understanding of the best ways to promote learning and memory in the college classroom. However, cognitive theory has evolved considerably in recentExpand
Double Standards in Sentence Structure
Previous research has shown that passive voice predominates in mass media reports describing male violence against women. However, there has been little systematic study of narratives describingExpand
Repetition Deafness: Repeated Words in Computer-Compressed Speech Are Difficult to Encode and Recall
This research demonstrates a new cognitive phenomenon known as repetition deafness, a difficulty in immediate recall of repeated words in computer-compressed speech Sixty-four subjects heardExpand