Michelle D White

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Surgical operations have been shown to cause a variety of immunological disturbances in man both in vivo and in vitro. With few exceptions the overall picture is one of a generalized state of immunodepression in the postoperative period. The implications of these observations are that host defences may be compromised by surgical procedures, thus providing a(More)
The pathophysiology of radiocontrast agent-induced acute renal failure is presently unclear. To test for a possible direct deleterious effect of diatrizoate, a commonly used radiocontrast agent, on renal tubule cells, suspensions enriched in rabbit proximal tubule segments were incubated with sodium diatrizoate. After these manipulations, a variety of(More)
Transition from a normal to a cancerous state is marked by alterations in the cytoskeletal structure of those cells involved. We have examined such changes to determine if these transitions are markers of disease progression. Cytokeratin (CK) protein and messenger RNA (mRNA) expression were examined in malignant and benign breast tissues. Flow cytometric(More)
Drugs may produce acute renal failure by prerenal, intrarenal and obstructive (postrenal) mechanisms. Prerenal processes usually develop from an imbalance of the normal counterbalancing vasoconstrictor and vasodilatory substances regulating RBF, resulting in a predominant vasoconstrictive state. Intrarenal processes develop from toxic renal tubule(More)
1. The sarcoplasmic reticulum (SR) from malignant hyperpyrexia susceptible (MHS) and control porcine skeletal muscle was separated into vesicular fractions enriched in the membrane elements of the terminal cisternae and longitudinal tubules. 2. The two membrane preparations were highly purified and had distinctive features which were associated with their(More)
A water-soluble Mg2+-ATPase previously reported (White, M.D. and Ralston, G.B. (1976) Biochim. Biophys. Acta 436, 567-576) has been purified from human erythrocyte membranes. The purified enzyme has a molecular weight of 575 000; the apparent minimum molecular weight was 100 000, corresponding to a soluble protein of the component 3 region. The Km value for(More)
Past studies have described the serendipitous appearance of peripheral CD4(+)CD8(+) double-positive (DP) T cells in both humans and nonhuman primates usually following a viral infection or resulting from a malignancy. However, understanding the role of DP T cells has been hampered by the lack of their reproducible generation. Herein, we describe DP T cells(More)
Lymphocyte trafficking in the gastrointestinal tract is primarily mediated by interactions with the mucosal addressin cell adhesion molecule 1 and its lymphocyte ligand, alpha(4)beta(7), and partly by L-selectin (L-Sel) interactions with peripheral node addressin coexpressed on some mucosal addressin cell adhesion molecule 1. We inquired whether intestinal(More)