Michelle D Tadmor

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Recent single-cell analysis technologies offer an unprecedented opportunity to elucidate developmental pathways. Here we present Wishbone, an algorithm for positioning single cells along bifurcating developmental trajectories with high resolution. Wishbone uses multi-dimensional single-cell data, such as mass cytometry or RNA-Seq data, as input and orders(More)
An accurate dissection of sources of cell-to-cell variability is crucial for quantitative biology at the single-cell level but has been challenging for the cell cycle. We present Cycler, a robust method that constructs a continuous trajectory of cell-cycle progression from images of fixed cells. Cycler handles heterogeneous microenvironments and does not(More)
BACKGROUND Minimal residual disease (MRD) following treatment is a robust prognostic marker in B lymphoblastic leukemia. However, the detection of MRD by flow cytometric immunophenotyping is technically challenging, and an automated method to detect MRD is therefore desirable. viSNE, a recently developed computational tool based on the t-Distributed(More)
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