Michelle D. Moore

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This paper introduces the design and complexity analysis of a parallel genetic algorithm to generate a " best " path for a robot arm to follow, given a starting position and a goal in three-dimensional space. Path generation takes into account any obstacles near the arm. This algorithm uses multiple optimization criteria, independent cross-pollinating(More)
[1] We have explored surface water mixing in the Lombok Strait through a bimonthly resolved surface water D 14 C time series reconstructed from a coral in the Lombok Strait that spans 1937 through 1990. The prebomb surface water D 14 C average is À60.5%, and individual samples range from À72% to 134%. The annual average postbomb maximum occurs in 1973 at(More)
ii ABSTRACT The goal of this project was to predict stock trends based on data from a financial market. This project originated from two ideas: that the human brain has a well-defined structure; and that a financial market has a state and some rule of evolution. The system in this project has two neural networks, which use a genetic algorithm to learn(More)
The Customized Tool for Data Transfer (CTDT) is designed and developed to automate the customized periodic transfer of data between two different kinds of databases located in different network platforms. The tool was developed for the Joint data collected during the crystallization phase of genome sequencing, on a periodic basis at the Genomics Institute(More)
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