Michelle D. Moore

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Summary form only given. Parallel genetic algorithm for search and constrained multiobjective optimization introduces the design and complexity analysis of a parallel genetic algorithm to generate a "best" path for a robot arm to follow, given a starting position and a goal in three dimensional space. Path generation takes into account any obstacles near(More)
An on-shot focal-spot diagnostic for characterizing high-energy, petawatt-class laser systems is presented. Accurate measurements at full energy are demonstrated using high-resolution wavefront sensing in combination with techniques to calibrate on-shot measurements with low-power sample beams. Results are shown for full-energy activation shots of the OMEGA(More)
Lack of women (and other minorities) has been a long-standing situation in the sciences. Socialization and "the shrinking pipeline" are contributory factors. Both of those factors need long-term solutions. In the meantime, there are some solutions that can immediately be implemented that are not terribly costly. For example, supplying escort services so(More)
Summary form only given. This paper applies nature inspired concepts and techniques from computer science, i.e. evolutionary computing, to gain a better understanding of the evolutionary history of birdsong. Notes are created and evolved according to fitness criteria to produce accurate and recognizable birdsong notes. The successful parallel simulation(More)
Target-plane intensities on the short-pulse beamlines of OMEGA EP, a petawatt-class laser, are characterized on-shot using the focal-spot diagnostic (FSD), an indirect wavefront-based measurement. Phase-retrieval methods are employed using on-shot and offline camera-based far-field measurements to improve the wavefront measurements and yield more-accurate,(More)
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