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Sla2p, also known as End4p and Mop2p, is the founding member of a widely conserved family of actin-binding proteins, a distinguishing feature of which is a C-terminal region homologous to the C terminus of talin. These proteins may function in actin cytoskeleton-mediated plasma membrane remodeling. A human homologue of Sla2p binds to huntingtin, the protein(More)
BACKGROUND Myosins are motors that use energy supplied by ATP to travel along actin filaments. The structure of myosin is known, but the actin-binding site is not well defined, and the mechanisms by which actin activates ATP hydrolysis by myosin, and myosin moves relative to the actin filament, developing force, are not fully understood. Previous(More)
The mouse dilute (d) locus encodes unconventional myosin-VA (MyoVA). Mice carrying null alleles of dilute have a lightened coat color and die from a neurological disorder resembling ataxia and opisthotonus within three weeks of birth. Immunological and ultrastructural studies suggest that MyoVA is involved in the transport of melanosomes in melanocytes and(More)
Parallel heuristic search algorithms are widely used in artificial intelligence. This paper describes novel parallel variants of two standard sequential search algorithms, the standard Davis Putnam algorithm (DP); and the same algorithm extended with conflict-directed backjumping (CBJ). Encouraging preliminary results for the GpH parallel dialect of the(More)
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