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Molecular and morphological methods were evaluated to distinguish between Haemonchus contortus and Haemonchus placei species. A total of 141 H. contortus and 89 H. placei male adult specimens(More)
This research aimed to investigate the ecological indexes of the helminths of the digestive system and coelom of Prochilodus argenteus Spix & Agassiz, 1829. A total of 150 specimens (53 males and 97(More)
Brasergasilus bifurcatus sp. nov. (Copepoda, Ergasilidae, Abergasilinae) is described. Specimens of the new species were collected from the gills and nasal fossae of the serrasalmid fishes, known as(More)
Gamidactylus piranhus sp. nov. (Copepoda, Vaigamidae) from the nasal fossae of “San Francisco piranha”, Pygocentrus piraya (Cuvier, 1819) and.White piranha. Serrasalmus brandtii (Lütken, 1875) is(More)