Michelle C. St. Clair

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It is not known how 5-HTTLPR genotype x childhood adversity (CA) interactions that are associated with an increased risk for affective disorders in population studies operate at the neural systems level. We hypothesized that healthy adolescents at increased genetic and environmental risk for developing mood disorders (depression and anxiety) would(More)
It is a reasonable assumption that universal properties of natural languages are not accidental. They occur either because they are underwritten by genetic code, because they assist in language processing or language learning, or due to some combination of the two. In this paper we investigate one such language universal: the suffixing preference across the(More)
Distributional information has been shown to combine with phonological information in aiding categorisation of words into grammatical categories. There has been debate about the type of distributional information that is most useful in category learning, in particular whether bigrams are sufficient for category acquisition. This paper presents two(More)
Recent research on how sleep influences cognitive processes has pointed to the potential role of sleep in the consolidation and generalisation of information across a range of tasks, including some language learning tasks (i.e., Gómez, Bootzin, & Nadel, 2006; Wagner, Gais, Haider, Verleger, & Born, 2004; Walker, 2005). The current study investigated the(More)
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