Michelle Brugger

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BACKGROUND Binding antibodies (BAB) against interferon-beta (IFNbeta) are often determined as screening assays before performing an expensive and elaborate neutralizing antibody (NAB) test. METHODS In this study, we compared four BAB tests, a western blot (WB), a direct binding enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) (dELISA), a capture ELISA (cELISA),(More)
PURPOSE We explored the impact of magnetic resonance imaging-ultrasound fusion prostate biopsy on the prediction of final surgical pathology. MATERIALS AND METHODS A total of 54 consecutive men undergoing radical prostatectomy at UCLA after fusion biopsy were included in this prospective, institutional review board approved pilot study. Using magnetic(More)
Proximal selective vagotomy (PSV) is an effective, definitive therapy for peptic ulcer disease of the duodenum. Long-term studies have shown that ulcer recurrence occurs in less than 10% of patients if the operation is performed by an experienced surgeon. Since PSV does not influence gastric emptying, side effects such as diarrhea, gastric stasis or the(More)
The course of pseudo-aneurysm of the axillary artery, rarely occurring after blunt trauma of the shoulder, is analysed. Own experience is reported, the literature is reviewed. A high index of suspicion is necessary to recognise and repair this serious vascular injury in time in order to avoid permanent brachial plexus deficiency.
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