Michelle Breda

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Polymeric drug conjugates are a new and experimental class of drug delivery systems with pharmacokinetic promises. The antineoplastic drug camptothecin was linked to a water-soluble polymeric backbone (MAG-CPT) and administrated as a 30 min infusion over 3 consecutive days every 4 weeks to patients with malignant solid tumours. The objectives of our study(More)
Experimental data show that opiates interfere with calcium influx in the cell and that some calcium-channel blockers are analgesic. We therefore studied the effect of the calcium-receptor blocker nifedipine on the analgesic effect of morphine in the rat, using tail-flick responses, and in humans, using measurements of the intensity of postoperative pain. In(More)
Beta-endorphin (BE) and cholecystokinin (CCK) were measured in fresh PBMC isolated from human subjects and rats. The BE and CCK PBMC contents increased significantly with age both in human and rat models. Moreover, polyclonal stimulation induced a significant decrease of BE but not CCK contents in mononuclear cells from human aged subjects. The time course(More)
BACKGROUND Type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) is a poorly controlled epidemic worldwide that demands active research into mitigation of the factors that are associated with poor control. AIMS The study was to determine the factors associated with suboptimal glycemic control. MATERIALS AND METHODS Electronic medical records of 263 adult patients with T2DM(More)
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