Michelle Armitage

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Early case control studies found association of the DRB1 allele, DR3, with Graves' disease (GD). Recent reports, claim the DQA1 allele, DQA1*0501, to be the primary susceptibility determinant within the human leukocyte antigen (HLA) class II region. We typed 228 GD patients, 364 controls, and 98 families (parents, GD, and unaffected sibling) at the DRB1,(More)
CONTEXT Both genetic and environmental factors contribute to susceptibility to Graves' disease (GD) and Hashimoto's thyroiditis (HT), as well as disease manifestations. OBJECTIVE The objective of the study was to define how endogenous/environmental factors contribute to variation in phenotype. DESIGN/SETTING This was a multicenter cohort study.(More)
Case-control studies suggest that the CTLA-4 gene may be a susceptibility locus for Graves' disease. The previously reported A/G polymorphism at position 49 in exon 1 of the CTLA-4 gene was, therefore, investigated in a case-control (n = 743) and family-based (n = 179) dataset of white Caucasian subjects with Graves' disease. The relationship between CTLA-4(More)
Insulin autoantibodies (IAA) were studied in newly diagnosed insulin-dependent diabetics before the start of insulin treatment and in unaffected identical twins of insulin-dependent diabetics. In 15 of the 40 (38%) diabetics and 27 of the 58 (47%) twins IAA levels exceeded those of 100 controls. Frequency of IAA in unaffected twins was not related to(More)
Insulin autoantibodies, like islet cell antibodies, are found not only in the sera of newly diagnosed Type 1 (insulin-dependent) diabetic patients and their relatives, but also in patients with other autoimmunities who do not develop diabetes. Insulin autoantibodies are oligo/monoclonal and frequently binding-site restricted. As determinant selection is(More)
Three patients with severe diabetic gastroparesis unresponsive to metoclopramide were found to have markedly prolonged gastric half-emptying times (t1/2) using a radionuclide-labelled test meal. They all showed symptomatic improvement and normal t1/2 within one week of taking oral domperidone 10 mg q.d.s. Oral domperidone may have a role in the treatment of(More)
In 34 patients suspected of having pancreatic cancer glucose homeostasis and insulin secretion in response to intravenous glucagon (1 mg) were studied prospectively. Twelve patients had pancreatic cancer at laparotomy and the remainder were designated a control group. Responses were also measured in 12 healthy volunteers. There was no significant difference(More)
Ectopic ACTH production accounts for 15% of Cushing's syndrome presentations and is characterized by the presence of an excess of ACTH precursors. However in the case presented here ectopic ACTH production was from functional pituitary tissue within an ovarian dermoid cyst. Endocrine investigations showed that the problem behaved more like(More)
Adhesion of tissue cells to metallic implants is a major factor that is important for proper tissue integration. Adhesion of Swiss mouse 3T3 fibroblasts to gold, platinum and palladium surfaces was investigated. Immunofluorescence staining for the integrin subunits alphav and beta1 and the focal contact protein vinculin revealed that cells growing on gold(More)