Michelle Ann Larkin

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Public health law has roots in both law and science. For more than a century, lawyers have helped develop and implement health laws; over the past 50 years, scientific evaluation of the health effects of laws and legal practices has achieved high levels of rigor and influence. We describe an emerging model of public health law that unites these two(More)
Home fires account for 85% of fire deaths in the United States, the majority in 1- or 2-family homes lacking fire sprinklers. Since 1978, however, a grassroots movement has successfully promoted more than 360 local ordinances mandating sprinklers in all new residential construction, including 1- and 2-family homes. The homebuilding industry has responded by(More)
The performance of a stock reflectance meter for measuring blood glucose levels with glucose oxidase test strips has been assessed. Glucose values obtained were spuriously high, and the response of the instrument was non-linear. The instrument could not be recommended as an accurate means of determining glucose levels, but may be useful for detecting(More)