Michelle Aguilar

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A 38-year-old right-handed woman, who had suffered a left cerebral hemisphere infarction, was studied. She developed right hemiparesis, motor and sensory aphasia, and left hand mirror writing. All possible brain mechanisms involved in writing, either perceptual or motor, were investigated in search of the one responsible for her mirror writing; however, no(More)
MRI is gaining increasing importance for the noninvasive quantification of organ iron burden. Since transverse relaxation rates depend on iron distribution as well as iron concentration, physiologic and pharmacologic processes that alter iron distribution could change MRI calibration curves. This article compares the effect of three iron chelators,(More)
OBJECTIVE To study the expression and role in vigabatrin (VGB)-induced gingival enlargement of Ki-67 antigen and p27KIP1, p21WAF1, and p53, proteins that activate or inhibit cell-cycle progression. MATERIALS AND METHODS Six patients treated with VGB for partial epileptic seizures refractory to classic anticonvulsant treatment were studied. Gingival(More)
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