Michelle A. Tait

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Dimethylsulfoxide (DMSO) appears to be a reliable solvent for extracting chlorophyll (Chl), however, modification of standard methods may be necessary for some species under field conditions. We found that Chl extraction of whole leaf tissue with DMSO incubated at between 25 and 40 °C was generally similar to the 80% acetone method, except for one graminoid(More)
Kimberlites are volatile-rich magmas from mantle depths of ≥ 150  km and are the primary source of diamonds. Kimberlite volcanism involves the formation of diverging pipes or diatremes, which are the locus of high-intensity explosive eruptions. A conspicuous and previously enigmatic feature of diatreme fills are 'pelletal lapilli'--well-rounded clasts(More)
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