Michelle A Martinez

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BACKGROUND Several cases of obesity-associated focal segmental glomerulosclerosis (OB-FSG) have been reported but little is known about the clinico-pathological features of this entity and its long-term outcomes. METHODS We studied 15 obese patients (BMI 35+/-5.2 kg/m(2)) with biopsy-proven FSG. They were compared with a control group of 15 non-obese(More)
Brat et al. (J Neuropathol Exp Neurol 57 : 288–¶290, 1998) reported eight cases of a new clinico-pathological entity, which occurs mainly in the third ventricle of middle-aged females, which they described as chordoid glioma of the third ventricle. We report a new case of a 41-year-old woman with a suprasellar chordoid glioma with histological,(More)
Body fluid hyperosmolality has long been known to elicit homeostatic responses that range from drinking to inhibition of salt appetite to release of neurohypohyseal hormones (i.e. vasopressin and oxytocin). More recently, it has been recognized that hyperosmolality is capable of also provoking a significant increase of sympathetic nerve activity (SNA). It(More)
We observed that some patients do not develop hypoalbuminemia despite the presence of massive proteinuria. To investigate whether the absence or presence of hypoalbuminemia could be a marker in the distinction between idiopathic focal segmental glomerulosclerosis (FSG) and FSG secondary to hyperfiltration, we reviewed all our patients with biopsy-proven FSG(More)
Rhabdomyosarcoma and other small round-cell neoplasms of infancy and childhood frequently involve the bone marrow. An unusual clinical presentation of diffuse bone marrow involvement as the sole manifestation of the disease represents a difficult diagnostic challenge. We report the case of an 18-year-old boy presenting with lower back pain, sternum(More)
Background: We show the experience of 6 years in laparoscopic surgical therapy of esophageal achalasia, performing of the Heller–Dor or Heller–Toupet operation, with particular regard to the technical aspect. Methods: One hundred and ten laparoscopic interventions were done between November 1995 and December 2001. We studied operative time in hiatus(More)
We have studied ten normotensive patients (nine male and one female, aged between 28 and 51 years) who each had a solitary functioning kidney and proteinuria. Six had undergone unilateral nephrectomy, and four unilateral renal agenesis. In each case, intravenous pyelography revealed only one functioning kidney with compensating hypertrophy. Mild to moderate(More)
BACKGROUND The age limit of the cadaver kidney donors is increasing in response to the growing demand for renal transplantation. Simultaneous double kidney transplantation (SDKT) with kidneys obtained from elderly adults has been proposed to increase the transplantation number and improve its results. However, if SDKT is performed when there are no clear(More)