Michelle A. Johnston

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STUDY DESIGN  A prospective case series of patients undergoing lumbar spine surgery. OBJECTIVE  Is there a correlation between patients' expectations before lumbar surgery, postoperative outcomes, and satisfaction levels? METHODS  A prospective study of 145 patients undergoing primary, single-level surgery for degenerative lumbar conditions was(More)
Since 1989 a federally supported long-term coral reef monitoring program has focused on two study sites atop East and West Flower Garden Banks in the northwestern Gulf of Mexico. We examined 25 yr of benthic cover data to provide a multi-decadal baseline and trend analysis of the community structure for this coral reef system. Despite global coral reef(More)
Prologue This Dispatch from the FOAM Frontier explores the paradoxical harm of diagnostic certitude. It features a letter to the Editor from the disgraced former physician, REDACTED. If our forebears knew what we know now, one wonders if they would have succumbed to the temptations of technology and the seduction of certainty the way they did. We live in a(More)
We report a 44-year-old Western Australian man who suffered a cardiac arrest several hours after a bite by a brown snake. He was successfully resuscitated after bolus administration of undiluted brown snake antivenom. We suggest that an initial bolus dose of at least five ampoules (5000 units) of undiluted brown snake antivenom should be given as primary(More)
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