Michelle A. Evans

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Factors related to autochthonous production were investigated at several sites along a prairie stream at Konza Prairie Research Natural Area. Primary production, algal biomass, litter input, and ability of floods to move native substrate were measured. Additional experiments were conducted to establish the influence of light and water velocity on primary(More)
An absorption spectrometer equipped with a IV-VI semiconductor tunable mid-IR diode laser was used to make sensitive measurements of benzene (C(6)H(6)) gas in the 5.1-microm spectral range. Wavelength modulation coupled with second-harmonic detection achieved accurate real-time quantification of benzene concentrations down to a minimum detection limit of 1(More)
Amorphous 1,4-dimethylnaphthalene, DMN, that can be prepared by vacuum deposition on Al2O3 exhibits relatively intense excimer fluorescence. Upon heating the surface, the adlayer undergoes a disorder-to-order transition, signaled by a decrease in excimer and an increase in monomer fluorescence. In a bilayer experiment, water, which has a lower desorption(More)
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