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Context. In the framework of the study of the X-ray and optical emission in supernova remnants we focus on an isolated X-ray knot in the northern rim of the Vela SNR (Vela FilD), whose X-ray emission has been studied and discussed in Paper I. Aims. We aim at understanding the physical origin of the X-ray and optical emission in FilD, at understanding the(More)
Supplements to support clinical-grade cultures of mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) are required to promote growth and expansion of these cells. Platelet lysate (PL) is a human blood component which may replace animal serum in MSC cultures being rich in various growth factors. Here, we describe a plasma poor pathogen-free platelet lysate obtained by pooling 12(More)
Context. In the framework of the study of supernova remnants and their complex interaction with the interstellar medium, we report on an XMM-Newton EPIC observation of the Galactic supernova remnant W49B. Aims. We investigate the spatial distribution of the chemical and physical properties of the plasma, so as to get important constraints on the physical(More)
Context. Recent developments on the study of mixed morphology supernova remnants (MMSNRs) have revealed the presence of metal rich X-ray emitting plasma inside a fraction of these remnant, a feature not properly addressed by traditional models for these objects. Aims. Radial profiles of thermodynamical and chemical parameters are needed for a fruitful(More)
We present the results of the combined analysis of three XMM-Newton EPIC observations of the northern rim of the Vela SNR. The three pointings cover an area of 10 pc 2 (at 250 pc) behind the main shock front and we aim at studying with high resolution the spatial distribution of the physical and chemical properties of the X-ray emitting plasma on this large(More)
We analyzed an XMM-Newton EPIC observation of a bright knot, named FilD, in the northern rim of the Vela SNR, where the shock has encountered a cloud. The good combination of sensitivity, spectral, and spatial resolution allowed us to describe the internal structure of the observed ISM clouds and to obtain estimates of their temperature, density, O, Ne, and(More)
The study of the clumpy and irregular features in the X-ray emission of middle-aged supernova remnants shells allows us to shed light on the various characteristic of the interstellar medium, like its structure and composition. We have observed with XMM-Newton a small knot in the Vela SNR, which previous ROSAT studies have indicated as one of the best(More)
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