Michele Vurro

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In many arid and semi-arid regions agriculture is the main user of GW, causing problems with the quantity and quality of water, but there are few institutional policies and regulations governing sustainable GW exploitation. The authors suggest an integrated methodology for enabling local GW management , capable of combining the need for GW protection with(More)
A GIS tool to evaluate hydrogeological water balance based on a mass-balance model applied to surface and subsurface systems is discussed. The tool is designed for managers responsible for groundwater resource planning during conditions of water shortage. In developing the tool, the natural groundwater recharge was evaluated through the application of a(More)
Soils are significantly important in determining global carbon (C) cycle dynamics. Soil organic carbon (SOC) is, in fact, the largest component of the global terrestrial carbon (C) pool (>1500 Gt C) [1, 2]. The knowledge of soil organic carbon amounts and changes would help to plan suitable soil management systems in order to increase SOC levels,(More)
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