Michele Spanu

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Twenty-five Vibrio strains belonging to nine different species, isolated in common mussels, were examined for the presence of different virulence genes: ctxA, tcpA, toxR, toxS, ace, zot and vpi previously found in pathogenic Vibrio cholerae strains. Our results suggest that there is a wide dissemination of Vibrio cholerae virulence genes among the various(More)
Agriculture is facing the challenge of increasing the quality of food production with environmentally friendly and health compatible processes featuring limited use of chemicals. The elimination of pathogens and harmful biological agents still remains a fundamental requirement. Therefore, soil physical disinfestation and disinfection represent a promising(More)
This work deals with the heat transfer phenomena in agricultural soils exposed to microwave (MW) fields to disinfect them eliminating dangerous organisms without using pesticides. The soil, approximated to a transmission line model, is supposed to be subject to an incident plane wave coming from a horn antenna working at 2.45GHz. Assessing the dielectric(More)
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