Michele Sonnessa

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Traditional (i.e. analytical) modelling practices in the social sciences rely on a very well established, although implicit, methodological protocol, both with respect to the way models are presented and to the kinds of analysis that are performed. Unfortunately, computer-simulated models often lack such a reference to an accepted methodological standard.(More)
The provision of health-care services and home assistance to the elderly and chronic patients is a challenging application scenario for Web Services composition, which support the integration of distributed, heterogeneous services in complex workflows. However, in order to support the management of the typical routine activities carried out when dealing(More)
In this paper we discuss strategies concerning the implementation of an agent-based simulation of complex phenomena. The model we consider accounts for population decomposition and interaction in industrial districts. The approach we follow is twofold: on one hand, we implement progressively more complex models using different approaches (vertical multiple(More)
In this paper we introduce an extension of the PARADIGMA (PAR-ticipative Approach to DIsease Global Management) approach to take into account the home healthcare assistance service. PARADIGMA defines and disseminates a common methodology and optimized protocols (Clinical Pathways) to support service functions directed to patients and individuals on matters(More)
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