Michele Solarino

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PURPOSE To evaluate the role of Multislice CT (MSCT) in classifying tibial plateau fractures and deciding on the appropriate therapeutic treatment compared to conventional radiology. MATERIALS AND METHODS Twenty-five patients with a clinical diagnosis of tibial plateau fracture were studied with plain film and MSCT. The CT images were reconstructed with(More)
Gorham's disease is described as a rare form of massive non-familiar idiopathic osteolysis with a self-limiting nature, where the simil-angiomatous tissue destroys the bone, that is substituted by fibrous tissue. One case of Gorham's disease is presented, that is interesting because of the sites in which the pathology is localized and because of its(More)
The sulcus angle of femoral trochlea is particularly important to evaluate the femoro-patellar joint. Our study was aimed at studying the normal trochlea, and especially the sulcus angle, with US. The right knees of 11 normal subjects were examined with US and Computed Tomography (CT) on the same section planes. The US measurements of the sulcus angle were(More)
The radiographic criteria are described for the evaluation of total hip replacement. The authors' purpose is to uniform all different parameters for a correct long-term radiographic follow-up. The basic radiographic parameters are pointed out for the assessment of eventual loosening/wearing out of prosthetic material: 1) correct positioning of the(More)
Child abuse is a topical issue in modern society and has social and medical implications which directly concern the doctor, both as a private citizen and as a health professional. Abuse injuries can be of very different types, e.g. physical, psychological or sexual. Hence they require a multidisciplinary and multispecialty approach, which must begin with an(More)
A case of a 63-year-old woman with Holt-Oram syndrome is presented. The patient, operated at 38 years for correction of an interatrial defect of the ostium secundum type presented with upper extremity skeletal abnormalities, in particular on the left, and a severe mitral insufficiency with ruptured chordae tendinae of the posterior leaflet. Mitral valve(More)
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