Michele Sciarabba

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BACKGROUND To elucidate the effects of a solution containing interleukin-10 and anti-IL-1 antibody in modulating experimental intestinal inflammation. METHODS Colitis was induced in BALB/c mice by oral administration of dextran sodium sulphate; mice were then treated with interleukin-10 plus anti-IL-1 antibody at low dosage. Transepithelial electrical(More)
OBJECTIVE Oral mucosa is a physiological barrier against several exogenous stimuli, among which cigarette smoke represents a source of reactive oxidizing compounds. No morphological evidences exist on the smoke effects induced in the human oral epithelium. In this study we performed a preliminary light and transmission electron microscopy morphological(More)
CONTEXT Human oral mucosa is the combustion chamber of cigarette, but scanty evidence is available about the early smoke effects. OBJECTIVE The present work aimed at evaluating from a morphological point of view whole smoke early effects on epithelial intercellular adhesion and keratinocyte terminal differentiation in a three-dimensional model of human(More)
The use of digital maps capitalizes on the long tradition of using paper maps as mean of communication and learning among people. More than ever, maps are becoming one of the most used metaphors to present concepts and knowledge. This paper presents a wiki infrastructure for map-based information systems’ design that, through an ontology, defines a semantic(More)
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