Michele Sciacca

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Disruption of cell membranes by Aβ is believed to be one of the key components of Aβ toxicity. However, the mechanism by which this occurs is not fully understood. Here, we demonstrate that membrane disruption by Aβ occurs by a two-step process, with the initial formation of ion-selective pores followed by nonspecific fragmentation of the lipid membrane(More)
An equation previously proposed to describe the evolution of vortex line density in rotating counterflow turbulent tangles in superfluid helium is generalized to incorporate nonvanishing barycentric velocity and velocity gradients. Our generalization is compared with an analogous approach proposed by Lipniacki, and with experimental results by Swan-son et(More)
Two alternative Vinen's evolution equations for the vortex line density L in counter-flow superfluid turbulence, are physically admissible and lead to analogous results in steady states. In Phys. Rev. B, 69, 094513 (2004) the most used of them was generalized to coun-terflow superfluid turbulence in rotating containers. Here, the analogous generalization(More)
The interaction between vortex density waves and high-frequency second sound in coun-terflow superfluid turbulence is examined, incorporating diffusive and elastic contributions of the vortex tangle. The analysis is based on a set of evolution equations for the energy density, the heat flux, the vortex line density, and the vortex flux, the latter being(More)
We include the effects of anisotropy and polarization in the hydrodynamics of inhomoge-neous vortex tangles, thus generalizing the well known Hall-Vinen-Bekarevich-Khalatnikov equations, which do not take them in consideration. These effects contribute to the mutual friction force F ns between normal and superfluid components and to the vortex tension force(More)
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