Michele Schiavo

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The impact of smell and taste disorders on dietary habits and nutritional status has received limited research attention. This paper reports findings obtained from questionnaires and diet records completed by 40 healthy subjects and 118 patients with chemosensory dysfunction. Chemosensory disorders were frequently associated with decreases in food(More)
A complex approach in characterisation of submarine groundwater discharge (SGD) off south-eastern Sicily comprising applications of radioactive and non-radioactive tracers, direct seepage measurements, geophysical surveys and a numerical modelling is presented. SGD fluxes in the Donnalucata boat basin were estimated by direct seepage measurements to be from(More)
Efficiently organizing molecular nonlinear optical (NLO) chromophores having large first-order hyperpolarizabilities (beta) into acentric microstructures for electro-optic (EO) applications represents a significant materials synthesis and processing challenge, in part due to interchromophore dipolar interactions that promote centrosymmetric organization.(More)
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