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Recently, there is a growing interest among the researchers and software developers in exploring Learning Classifier System (LCS) implemented in parallel and distributed grid structure for data mining, due to its practical applications. The paper highlights the some aspects of the LCS and studying the competitive data mining model with homogeneous data. In(More)
CONTEXT AND OBJECTIVE Previous animal and human studies have shown that transcranial direct current stimulation can induce significant and lasting neuroplasticity and may improve language recovery in patients with aphasia. The objective of the study was to describe a cohort of patients with aphasia after stroke who were treated with transcranial direct(More)
Introduction: Aphasia is a disorder which stems from cerebral lesion and impairs both language expression and comprehension. Objective: to investigate language comprehension in aphasic individuals through the comprehension test battery of Montreal Toulouse Test (alpha version). Study Design: A retrospective, descriptive, qualitative-quantitative research(More)
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