Michele Rosenberg

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OBJECTIVE Protecting and safeguarding persons with impaired decisional capacity are among the critical functions of a psychiatric hospital. The objective of this study was to investigate the elements of these functions as they relate to sexual behavior on an adult acute care inpatient psychiatric unit and to develop a policy to prevent or at least manage(More)
OBJECTIVES To analyse the experiences of youths accessing sexually transmitted infection (STI) services and to examine the perspectives of service providers in four British Columbia communities. METHODS In-depth qualitative interviews were completed with 70 young men and women (15-24 years). In total, 22 service providers (for example, clinicians, staff)(More)
Every fifth year since 1920 measurements of height and weight of the school-children in Oslo have been centrally processed. We present updates obtained for girls in 1980 and 1985, and in addition results on menarche from 1985. The slow but steady post-war increase in height seems to approach a plateau. For body weight the downward post-war trend has been(More)
Data from birth records from three maternity hospitals in Norway have been used to study the trend in birth weight in this country from 1860-1984. The investigation is based on a sample of 200-300 records taken at random from 2 to 5 years around every 10th year, from each of the three maternity hospitals--amounting to a total sample of 9152 women. Besides(More)
Data from birth records from the maternity hospitals in the three main cities in Norway have been used to study the trend in menarcheal age for women born from about 1830 to about 1960. The investigation is based on a sample of 200-300 records around every 10th year from each of the three clinics in partly overlapping time periods relating to a total of(More)
Using medical records from maternity clinics in the two Norwegian cities Oslo and Bergen, the effect of lactation on infant mortality during the period 1860-1930 is examined, comparing those who were and were not breast-fed in a total of about 6900 live born infants. The mortality of children not breast-fed was nearly three times that of those who were(More)
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