Michele R. Tennant

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We obtained 5' and 3' flanking sequences (5.4 kilobase pairs) from the psi eta-globin gene region of the rhesus macaque (Macaca mulatta) and combined them with available nucleotide data. The completed sequence, representing 10.8 kilobase pairs of contiguous noncoding DNA, was compared to the same orthologous regions available for human (Homo sapiens, as(More)
A large body of diverse comparative data now exists for a major phylogenetic synthesis of the higher-level relationships among eutherian (placental) mammals. We present such a phylogenetic synthesis using the composite trees or supertrees from the combined and separate analyses of their published molecular and morphological source phylogenies. Our combined(More)
In academic health science centers, students fall into two categories: those studying basic sciences, such as genetics, molecular biology and neurosciences, and those in clinical programs, such as nursing, dentistry and medicine. The databases used and strategies needed to find appropriate information are different for these two groups. Recent advances in(More)
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