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With the object of analyzing current characteristics of infectious endocarditis (IE) in children, we carried out a retrospective study of 23 cases of IE in children under 15 years of age seen at the Hospital Ramón y Cajal in Madrid (Spain) between 1977 and 1985. The incidence was high (1.3 cases per 1000 children admitted). The male/female ratio was 2∶1.(More)
An anatomical study of 54 specimens with endocardial cushion defect is described. The material was divided into two groups, according to the morphology and attachments of the anterior component of the anteroseptal mitral leaflet. We suggest that there is no divided or undivided anterior common leaflet. There are always two anterior leaflets, a mitral and a(More)
A case of aorticopulmonary window associated with tetralogy of Fallot is reported with its clinical, hemodynamic, angiocardiographic, surgical, and necropsy findings. The difficulty in diagnosing a tetralogy of Fallot in the presence of a large aorticopulmonary shunt is emphasized. It is also noted that the only means of discovering the infundibular(More)
Out of 1610 children's hearts with congenital malformations there were 27 specimens showing double outlet right ventricle. Cases with dextrocardia, situs inversus, or l-venticular loop were excluded. Anatomical examination was performed with particular reference to the infundibular region, the great vessels, and the ventricular septum. The commonest(More)
OBJECTIVE Subjects who are normal glucose tolerant (NGT) are considered at low risk, even if a plasma glucose value ≥155 mg/dL for the 1-h postload plasma glucose during an oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT) is able to identify NGT subjects at high risk for type 2 diabetes and subclinical organ damage. Hyperuricemia is associated with several risk factors(More)
The first well-documented case of Holmes heart associated with an atretic left atrioventricular orifice is reported. The Holmes heart may be considered as a single ventricle in which the main chamber has the morphologic characteristics of a left ventricle, the infundibular chamber is not inverted, and the great arteries are normally arranged. The importance(More)
SUMMARY A new case of an unusual association of mitral atresia with single left ventricle is reported. The salient anatomic features include: (1) the right atrioventricular valve is atretic; (2) the left atrioventricular valve enters the large ventricle with morpho-logic characteristics of the left ventricle; and (3) this large ventricle communicates by way(More)
OBJECTIVES The purpose of this study was to compare the chemomechanical caries-removal system (Carisolv) with high-speed excavation in cavitated occlusal caries of primary molars. Design and setting. The study was a randomized controlled, clinical trial in which the two techniques were compared in each subject. Participants were chosen from public schools,(More)