Michele Quarantelli

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This paper discusses manufacturabilty of state-of-the-art low power technologies. We report the results on two generations of bulk CMOS technologies, triple-well CMOS and Thin Film Silicon on Insulator (TFSOI) technologies. We present technology capabilities for several values of supply voltage and address the issue of performance scaling with the supply(More)
This paper presents a novel CMOS current source suitable for low voltage applications. The new design shows better compliance voltage than the simple two transistor current mirror while offering improved accuracy and output impedance, featuring 140KR output resistance at an output voltage of 30mV and output Current of 30pA. The circuit has been manufactured(More)
In this paper a high resistant EMI interference CMOS operational amplifier has been designed and simulated. It is designed by implementing easy modification of the differential pair with active current load. The power amplifier seems to be leading the output voltage power with respect to the input supply given, the two stage power amplifier was designed in(More)
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