Michele Pittaluga

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According to the “vascular” theory, arterial overflow in the superior hemorrhoidal arteries would lead to dilatation of the hemorrhoidal venous plexus. A 980-nm diode laser-pulsed shot causes shrinkage of tissue. The depth of shrinkage can be regulated by the power and duration of the laser beam. Through a 1000-micron conic fiber, five laser shots generated(More)
AIM OF THE STUDY Conservative operative management of a splenic injury has become more and more employed in order to preserve the immune function of the organ. CASE REPORT A case of a rupture of the spleen successfully treated with the use of a radiofrequency thermal energy generator is eported. The parenchymal tear was coagulated by a one cooled tip(More)
Angioneurosis, together with bones and joints disorders, represents the most frequent clinical syndrome due to vibrating instruments. The authors report a general presentation of the disease, particularly focused on indications, usefulness and methods of plethysmography and Doppler C.W., as noninvasive diagnostic procedures.
The aim of this article was to review the main indications of laparoscopic colostomy. A series of 9 patients is reported, stressing the technical steps of laparoscopic colostomy. The laparoscopic approach in patients with unresectable colorectal cancer permit to avoidance mayor laparotomy. In conclusion this technique appears safe, feasible and effective.
Appendiceal mucocele is an uncommon disorder caused by accumulation of mucus within the appendiceal lumen. Mucoceles represent a heterogeneous group comprising various histopathologic lesions including mucosal hyperplasia, cystoadenomas, and cystoadenocarcinomas and prognosis is related to these subtypes. The most common symptom is pain or a palpable mass(More)
A renal mass with not typical instrumental characteristic in patient in follow-up for ovarian neoplasia sets to the surgeon serious doubts about proper surgical strategy. Achieve of the conservative renal surgery assisted by the intraoperative use of the radiofrequency energy has allowed to preserve the renal function and the diagnosis of unknown(More)