Michele Pitaro

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Objectives To estimate the socio-economic impact of multiple sclerosis (MS) in Italy. Methods Outpatients with MS were enrolled at 44 centres across Italy. Socio-demographic, clinical and resource utilization data were collected using a validated questionnaire. Each patient completed a weekly diary of expenses due to MS over a three-month period. Direct(More)
Vitamin K1 (VK1) is a molecule abundant in some species of leaf vegetables with beneficial effects in humans following administration on the skin. This work investigates the possibility to use formulations based on lipid vesicles, namely liposomes, transfersomes and ethosomes, suitable to be administered on the skin by nebulization and alternative to fat(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the efficacy of interferon-beta (IFN-beta) in the re-treatment of patients with chronic hepatitis C who did not respond to IFN-alpha monotherapy. PATIENTS AND METHODS Thirty patients (24 men and six women; mean age, 41 +/- 13 (SD) years; range, 23-62 years), with chronic hepatitis C that was non-responsive to a standard course of(More)
Vitamin K1 (VK1) is a natural and lipophilic compound currently used in dermatological formulations. In this work, nanoemulsions containing VK1 have been proposed to overcome some issues associated to semisolid VK1-incorporating formulations. The study has been focused on the design of a lipid-free aqueous formulation, easy to prepare and with low cost of(More)
Vitamin K1 (VK1) is a very lipophilic and photosensitive molecule contained in some vegetables. Recently, the use of VK1 on the skin has been proposed for different pharmaceutical or cosmeceutical applications. In this study, an innovative strategy for the administration of VK1 on the skin was proposed. In particular, to overcome the drawbacks associated(More)
Birmingham, AL, USA: W.C. Bailey and J.A.D. Cooper (Co-Principal Investigators), M.T. Dransfield, L.B. Gerald and P. O’Reilly (Investigators), S. Tidwell (Coordinator) (grant HL074418). University of California, San Francisco, CA, USA: S.C. Lazarus (Principal Investigator), H.A. Boushey and P.G. Woodruff (Investigators), M. Birch, R. Sakurai, K. Schardein,(More)
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