Michele Pezzoni

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Inventor disambiguation is an increasingly important issue for users of patent data. We propose and test a number of refinements to the original Massacrator algorithm, originally proposed by Lissoni et al. (The keins database on academic inventors: methodology and contents, 2006) and now applied to APE-INV, a free access database funded by the European(More)
Alle mie nonne ii Acknowledgments I wish to express my deep gratitude to my advisor, Dominique Foray. He gave me great autonomy while being constantly supportive. His intuitions and suggestions were crucial for the development of this thesis. The support and the resources he provided were undoubtedly extremely valuable. But his trust and help, especially(More)
In this chapter we present a " history-friendly " model of the evolution of the pharmaceutical industry. This industry constitutes an ideal subject for history-friendly analysis, for several reasons and especially in comparison to our previous efforts concerning the computer industry. Pharmaceuticals are traditionally a highly R&D and marketing intensive(More)
We examine gender differences among the six PhD student cohorts 2004-2009 at the California Institute of Technology using a new dataset that includes information on trainees and their advisors and enables us to construct detailed measures of teams at the advisor level. We focus on the relationship between graduate student publications and: (1) their gender;(More)
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