Michele Petrinco

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OBJECTIVE Hyperglycemia is a common condition in hospitalized patients. The aim of this study was to investigate the relationships between glycemia upon admission and mortality in a heterogeneous group of adult patients. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS The 3-year records released from a general hospital were associated with a plasma glucose dataset of its(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate Type 2 diabetes hospitalization costs and their determinants by applying a proper methodological approach, taking into account the presence of several observations with zero costs. METHODS A cohort study using per-patient hospital discharge abstracts in a period of 4.5 years of follow-up (from 1/1/1996 to 30/6/2000). Potential cost(More)
OBJECTIVE This article aims to describe the various approaches in multivariable modelling of healthcare costs data and to synthesize the respective criticisms as proposed in the literature. METHODS We present regression methods suitable for the analysis of healthcare costs and then apply them to an experimental setting in cardiovascular treatment (COSTAMI(More)
PURPOSE To assess the cost-effectiveness of water compared with normal land delivery. METHODS A retrospective controlled study was conducted over a two-year period in a Northern Italian hospital. The cohort included all the 110 women who completed a water birth and 110 women who had a land birth during the same period. The two groups were compared with(More)
The usage of the Aalen additive approach is proposed to model cost data. Using a Monte Carlo simulation, in a wide set of scenarios, we showed that the Aalen model is performing well and can be a reasonable alternative to the standard Gamma regression models. In addition, with reference to the COSTAMI trial data, we highlighted the ability of the Aalen(More)
OBJECTIVES Several methodological problems arise when health outcomes and resource utilization are collected at different sites. To avoid misleading conclusions in multi-center economic evaluations the center effect needs to be taken into adequate consideration. The aim of this article is to compare several models, which make use of a different amount of(More)
We aim at evaluating how data-mining statistical techniques can be applied on medical records and administrative data of diabetes and how they differ in terms of capabilities of predicting outcomes (e.g. death). Data on 3,892 outpatient patients with a diagnosis of type 2 diabetes from the San Giovanni Battista Hospital in Torino. Six statistical(More)
BACKGROUND The evaluation of the economic impact of ischemic disease has gained increasing interest. Such field of investigation is suffering however of the heterogeneity of methods used in evaluating costs, limiting the comparison of study results. OBJECTIVE The aim of the study is to show how estimates of 1-year costs of treatment of patients with(More)
OBJECTIVE Healthcare cost distribution generally presents a high level of skewness, with a relatively small number of subjects accounting for a large portion of healthcare expenditures. Information on factors that predict high expenditures is of interest in healthcare planning. The aim of this paper was to inspect the behaviour of extreme regression (ER)(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE The impact of clinical guidelines (GL) on venous thromboembolism (VTE) prophylaxis was evaluated in a large Italian hospital with a before/after study. GL were effective in increasing the appropriateness of prophylaxis and in reducing VTE. Following this study, the aim was to estimate the impact of the adopted GL on costs and(More)