Michele Paris

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Untreated (–) and ExoSAP-IT treated (+) PCR products were analyzed by gel electrophoresis. A variety of PCR products of different lengths may be treated with ExoSAP-IT, with no sample loss. 125 bp 455 bp 1.55 kb 4.6 kb HES-1 numb NRAGE numb M – + – + – + – + Stop losing time and samples. ExoSAP-IT ® offers quick, one step PCR clean-up with 100% recovery of(More)
Many hundreds of exotic species and domestic animal breeds have been lost over the course of the last few decades. In order to avoid a similar fate to other animals threatened with extinction, it is crucial to develop and apply rescue strategies to ensure their survival for the future. One option as a safeguard measure is the cryopreservation of the main(More)
The advancements in basic sciences and the availability of sophisticated technological aids to surgical removal of gliomas have led over the last few years to the rise of innovative surgical strategies, the identification of better prognostic/predictive biomolecular factors, and the development of novel drugs and all are meant to profoundly impact the(More)
Male bat-eared foxes, Otocyon megalotis, are known to contribute extensively to parental care. Yet, the exact roles that males and females play in raising offspring remain relatively unexplored. Here, we describe interactions between adult foxes and their presumed offspring based on a pilot study on three family groups of a wild population in South Africa.(More)
The composition and changes of the fungal population and of the metabolites present in grapes and in ferments of Vitis vinifera L. cv. Corvina, one of the major components of the Amarone musts, were dissected aiming at the identification of constant characteristics possibly influenced by the productive process. The fungal populations and metabolomic(More)
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