Michele Palomba

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The aim of this study was to test the suitability of the RT-PCR (reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction) technique to differentiate aflatoxin-producing from aflatoxin-non-producing strains of Aspergillus flavus and Aspergillus parasiticus. Total RNAs of 13 strains grown under inducing yeast extract-sucrose (YES) and non-inducing yeast(More)
Diketo acids such as S-1360 (1A) and L-731,988 (2) are potent and selective inhibitors of HIV-1 integrase (IN). A plethora of diketo acid-containing compounds have been claimed in patent literature without disclosing much biological activities and synthetic details (reviewed in Neamati, N. Exp. Opin. Ther. Pat. 2002, 12, 709-724). To establish a coherent(More)
BACKGROUND Altered cellular bioenergetics and oxidative stress are emerging hallmarks of most cancers including pancreatic cancer. Elevated levels of intrinsic reactive oxygen species (ROS) in tumors make them more susceptible to exogenously induced oxidative stress. Excessive oxidative insults overwhelm their adaptive antioxidant capacity and trigger(More)
HIV-1 integrase (IN) is an attractive and validated target for the development of novel therapeutics against AIDS. Significant efforts have been devoted to the identification of IN inhibitors using various methods. In this context, through virtual screening of the NCI database and structure-based drug design strategies, we identified several pharmacophoric(More)
In recent years, a number of newer designer drugs have entered the illicit drug market. The methylenedioxy-derivates of amphetamine represent the largest group of designer drugs. This paper describes a method for screening for and quantification of ten 2,5-methylenedioxy-derivates of amphetamine and phenylethylamine in human urine, using capillary(More)
A new series of variously substituted 3-aryl-2-[1H(2H)-benzotriazol-1(2)-yl]acrylonitriles was synthesized and tested for antiproliferative and antitubercular activity as part of our continuing research program in the antimicrobial and antitumor fields. The most cytotoxic derivatives (5a,g,i,j,l and 7b) (CC50 < 3.0 microM against MT-4 cells) were evaluated(More)
A method for 'in vivo' determination of the oxytetracyclin residues in ovine milk at low levels is described. Two groups of Sardinian breed sheep were treated with a dose of oxytetracycline by intramammary infusion and intramuscular administration, respectively. Oxytetracycline residues in extracts obtained from a preliminary cleanup procedure, were(More)
A series of substituted N-cycloalkyl benzamides, cinnamamides, and indole-3-carboxamides were synthesized and evaluated for their analgesic, antiinflammatory activities as well as for their gastrointestinal irritation liability. Indomethacin was used as reference drug in both tests. Compounds 1k, 1b, 1h, 1j, and 1g were the most active in the(More)
In this preliminary study we report the activity of 3-methyl-9-substituted-6-oxo-6,9-dihydro-3H-[1,2,3]-triazolo[4,5-h]quinolone-carboxylic acids and their esters as a new class of antiinfective agents against MDR Mycobacterium tuberculosis. In antitubercular screening against H37Rv and 11 clinically isolated strains of M. tuberculosis several derivatives(More)
Two series of N-[4-(alkyl)cyclohexyl]-substituted benzamides, i.e. a series of N-[4-(tert-butyl)cyclohexyl]-substituted benzamides and a series of N-[4-(ethyl)cyclohexyl]-substituted benzamides, were synthesised and evaluated for their anti-inflammatory and analgesic potencies, and gastrointestinal irritation liability.