Michele Pace

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SUMMARY Many production Grid and e-Science infrastructures have begun to offer services to end-users during the past several years with an increasing number of scientific applications that require access to a wide variety of resources and services in multiple Grids. Therefore, the Grid Interoperation Now—Community Group of the Open Grid Forum—organizes and(More)
— In game theory, the Traveler's Dilemma (abbreviated TD) is a non-zero-sum 1 game in which two players attempt to maximize their own payoff without deliberately willing to damage the opponent. In the classical formulation of this problem, game theory predicts that, if both players are purely rational, they will always choose the strategy corresponding to(More)
– The Probability Hypothesis Filter, which propagates the first moment, or intensity function, of a point process has become more and more popular to address multi-tracking problems. Under linear-Gaussian assumptions, the intensity function takes the form of a mixture of Gaussian kernels. As the number of elements increases exponentially over time,(More)
1 * These authors have contributed equally to the presented work. Abstract Tracing resource usage by Grid users is of utmost importance — especially in the context of large-scale scientific collaborations such as within the High Energy Physics (HEP) community — to guarantee fairness of resource sharing , but many difficulties can arise when tracing the(More)
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